Organization: Local committee student group II Biennial Conference Latin American Section- Wildlife Disease Association – WDA-LA.

Terms agreement: Those who want to participate and register in this Photo Competition accept these rules  as well as the interpretation that the organizers express of such activities.

Registration and photo delivery

The competition will take place between june 15 th – september 27 th 2015. Deadline july 30 th, 2015.

The registration will be opend from july 1th until july 30th 2015, it has no cost and is formalized by filling out the form available in the next link:

Registration requeriments: to be registred in the II Biennial Conference Latin American Section Wildlife Disease Association – WDA-LA:

  • name and surname
  • profession
  • Institution
  • country of residencie
  • photography

* The information will not be used for any other purpose that is not related with the photography competition and the resulting photo exhibition.


The photos will be represent one of this themes:

  • Landscape photography: spaces where the main protagonist is the landscape: the Forest, rivers, lakes, mountains, the sea, deserts, rural landscape, etc.
  • Wildlife Photography: Where the main protagonist are invertebrate animals, reptiles, birds or mamals


Every contestant could participate with no more of two photos.

  • The photography have to be original, inedit ( not published , even digital) and the contestant can not be contesting in a other contest. If this happen, the participant will be disqualified.
  • The photo have to had a name, a brief comment or reflexion ,it could not be modificated by external methods. It has to be in JPG format with a size between 2MB and 5MB.


There will be an award for the:

  • best landscape photo,
  • best wildlife photo, and
  • the most voted photo.

The awards will be announced on September 25TH during the conference.

Note: If any of he winning photos in any category  is also the most voted photo, the
winner will be automatically  the second one with more votes.  In any case, every contestant can win only one award.


The photography have to be loaded to the link ( before Agost 1th. This day the online votación begins on the conference web site.

Note: there is only one vote for every photo and this can´t be changed. Only persons  registered on the web site  can vote. the Votacion closes on September 20th. On september 21th will be published the 20 more voted photos, and   will be exhibited during the conference and three of them will be awarded.


The participants accept that the photos presented in the contest can be use by the organization in cultural and social events without implying any retribution to the author.

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  • Este es "Mi Territorio"

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